As a matter of first importance, one shared characteristic among the 14 reviewed test-takers is the length of introduction they had to the English language. For each situation, these test-takers revealed that they had utilized the language for over ten years. Truth is told, despite the fact that English was not their local tongue; they normally talked it in the home with guardians and kin. 80% of these test-takers announced that in any event one or the two guardians had recently considered English and had gone to an American University to seek after undergrad or graduate investigations.

Standard Reading and Listening Practice

Second of all, these high-scoring test-takers likewise had occupied with an ordinary everyday practice of perusing and tuning in to English for quite a long while driving up the minute in which they took the TOEIC test. For example, over a three-year time frame, Tadeu read the whole Harry Potter arrangement of books, Rafaat read English papers while taking the tram for 2.5 years and Kathryn read about six fiction books by John Grisham, who had some expertise recorded as a hard copy sensational tales about legal counselors.

Likewise, these TOEICs had broad listening practice with sites, for example, National Public Radio and Ted Talks and watched motion pictures for years, which, notwithstanding helping them create propelled listening perception, helped these test-takers talk all the more proficiently with a high pace of comprehensibility. For instance, Teresa, who scored 109, said that she had viewed mainstream network shows, for example, Breaking Bad, American Idol and The Good Wife. Thus, she can see practically everything that is said to her and she talks like a close local speaker of English.

Constrained Explicit TOEIC Preparation

The last closeness among these test-takers is the constrained time they spent unequivocally getting ready for the TOEIC test. It appears too hard to accept, however these 14 test-takers detailed that they had read TOEIC for as few as 3 to about two months. For Tadeu’s situation, she had read for three weeks, yet Rafaat, who said he needed to comprehend some talking and composing issues, had read TOEIC for 2 months. During their short cach tinh diem toeic these test-takers found out about the format of the perusing, tuning in, talking and composing segments of the test and learned test-taking systems. A significant number of them purchased TOEIC materials straightforwardly from Educational Testing Service. When these test-takers knew about the structure and test-taking techniques for the TOEIC test, they utilized their current English capacities and stepped through the examination and scored 100+. To total up, stretched out introduction to English significantly influences one’s TOEIC score. Express TOEIC arrangement is useful partly because of the fact that it enables the person to become accustomed to the structure of the test and to create test-taking techniques.