Summary: this articles deals with the scams that run in the name of vanilla visa cards and how people are fooled in the name of false schemes.

Vanilla visa cards work the same way as the debit card does, that means they are widely accepted at retailers and merchants. When you decide to buy a vanilla card, make sure to visit a genuine website or retailer for purchasing the card. Before buying the gif card you can compare different types of cards available in the market. There are many factors that can be compared such as service fee, activation charges and offers and benefits.

Gift Card Balance

Once you buy a vanilla card it is required that you activate your card for using it, the activation process is a simple one and takes very less time. You just have to follow some instructions mentioned on the official website. There will be a confirmation message given on your registered mobile phone once your card is activated.

One important point you must keep in mind is to sign the card to make it valid, unless there is owner’s signature at the back of the card, he card will not be accepted. You have to securely keep the card and not share any information related to your card with anyone. When you go out for shopping or any other activity ensure not to give pass code or card to the cashier. You personally have to enter all the details and don’t forget to take your card back.

Many senior people maintain vanilla gift cards to stay away from scams and frauds, as elderly people are the most vulnerable group who can be doped easily. These are the best way to keep money under budget. These gift cards are non reloadable which means, once the balance is out you cannot add more funds to your card. In such conditions it is suggested that you add sufficient balance in the first go only. Once the card is used completely, you must immediately discard the card personally; never hand over your card to any retailer once it is out of money here are chances that they can misuse your card.

The hackers will usually target people and try to collect their personal information from the websites. Other way is by offering fake schemes and programs online to collect the card information. When it comes to money you must always be aware of such frauds. Follow security instruction everywhere using the cards and money.

These vanilla visa cards can also be gifted o your loved ones, they are most popular in corporate field, and the gift cards are presented to the employees in the form of increment, bonus and appreciations. Whenever you decide to present the gift cards to your friends or family ensure to warn them regarding the safety and security that has to be followed in order to avoid any loss of money and unavoidable conditions.