Shopping for a flippable mattress will make you realize that, there are a variety of brands and models in the market. This means that, before you step out to get one for yourself at Mattress sale Portland, you should have some factors in your mind that you will base on while making your final decision.

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  • What kind of flippable mattress are you looking for?:Flippable mattresses which are currently in the market include hybrid, latex and foam models. The type of mattress you will settle for will affect the price. The flippable foam mattresses tend to be cheaper than the hybrid and latex models. Flippable airbeds and innerspring don’t exist as per now at Mattress sale Portland.
  • What are your preferences when it comes to firmness?:There are two options of firmness when it comes to flippable mattresses; a firmer and softer side. If you want one set firmness, then you can get a flippable mattress which has the same firmness on both sides. Get one that will be suitable for your specific needs.
  • The heaviness of the mattress?: When you go to Mattress sale Portland, remember that this is a mattress which you will require to lift and turn over from time to time. If the bed is heavy, then it might be hard to do so. In case you stay alone, you will be required to always ask for help from someone else, which can be cumbersome.
  • The Tallness of the mattress: There are flippable mattresses which measure 10 or11 inches thick as compared to one sided mattress which is normally less. There are those which measure 15 inches to 16 inches thick. If you are short or weigh less, then you are likely to feel more comfortable on a low profile mattress.
  • Sleep trial by manufacturer:Most of the brands in the market will allow you to test out your air mattress for a certain period of time which might be between 30 to 120 nights. So within that period, you will have an option of returning it if you are not comfortable with it. The sleep trials are very important because it will give you an opportunity to find out if the mattress will work for you without committing to a full purchase.
  • The warranty coverage: Get one that has a warranty of at least 10 years and ensures that you read the fine print.