A barcode helps in automatic Data collection and identification. Bernard Silver and Joseph Woodland invented in 1952. This barcode has bards or lines of thickness and width. The bars represent the binary numbers 0 and 1, and the sequence begins from 0 to 9 that are processed with a support of a computer. This information on the barcode can be read with the support of a scanner that needs a laser. The code can be read by moving the laser or the barcode pen across the pubs, and the computer receives the data embedded in the barcodes. So what is this scanner or reader? There is a reader a digital gadget that reads the information. The scanner consists of photo conductor a source and a lens. Here the impulses are converted to electrical impulses. The majority of the scanners have a decoder circuit which analyzes the barcode with the support of a photo conductor’s picture and this is sent to the scanner’s output interface. There are readers; the readers are use for reading, the mount readers are used for reading that is automatic and the reader gates are used for scanning.

There are four kinds of Technologies. The pencil type readers have a light source and a photodiode; to see what’s on the barcode, the pen needs to be moved through the bar. The laser scanner functions like the pencil type reader, here there is a laser beam used and the source is the same. As LED scanners utilize an array A CCD reader called. The difference between the barcode printer singapore as well as the pencil reader is that, the ambient light that is emitted is measured by the CCD reader in the pub pencil type reader’s measure and laser scanners the reflected light of a frequency. The type and the newest are the readers that are 2D imaging scanners, which use a camera to catch the image of the barcode. Here the exact same technology is used by the camera as in CCD, the only difference is that the CCD scanner has a row of detectors and the camera had hundreds of sensors.